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He did it! The God of Snooker!

May 7, 2013

Who let Ronnie reproduce? It’s just unfair to pass that talent on..

For any of you that missed it yesterday: Ronnie O’Sullivan won the World Snooker Championship of 2013 at the Crucible, Sheffield. This was his first tournament since winning the same event this time last year. That feat is truly immense. It would be comparable to Tiger Woods winning the Masters one year, not playing any more tournaments then winning the Masters again the following year. It proves for me and for many that when Ronnie is in the mood, as he was over the past fortnight, he is truly unstoppable. Ronnie is truly the Beethoven of break-building, as unbeatable as Lance Armstrong on drugs. He is also talented at concocting the most ludicrous excuses for quitting the sport (“I need to pay the school fees” was one, maybe he should stop wasting money on waistcoats?). His ‘inappropriate cue gestures’ and slight dip in form for the semi-final could not stop his march to the final, where he then won majestically against Barry Hawkins, who put up more of a fight than expected (18-0 score odds were offered by multiple bookmakers) but never looked like winning. 

Some say that it is a sad state of affairs when a player can simply come back and beat everyone on tour in one tournament but I find it marvellous. The talent that Ronnie shows is once in a lifetime and we should enjoy him while he’s here, although I could see him still making empty threats to retire at the age of 80. His son that came down when Ronnie lifted the trophy (see photo) should have been made illegal as the moment one O’Sullivan retires the next seems to be ready to take over!

Thanks for reading my gushing love letter to Ronnie, please leave a like and follow if you enjoyed it! My posts are a bit infrequent at the moment due to exams but I’m posting as often as I can so stay tuned! Until the next time! 


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