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Wednesday Debate No.16- Rocket Ronnie blasting off again?

April 17, 2013

The Rowan Atkinson of snooker?

Good evening and today I’m going to be talking about …snooker… a divisive sport which some people love and some people loathe. Even if you’re not a regular fan, I’d encourage you to at least give it a try with the World Championships next week. In this post, I’ll have a look at whether Ronnie O’Sullivan, perhaps the most gifted player to meet the baize, can return triumphant. Puns are also going to be planted here and there.

In my opinion, if Ronnie gets his head in the game, he has every chance of winning this year. As far as singing his praises goes: he’s scored the fastest 147 of anyone and won last year’s World Championships, the third of his career.  And it might sound absurd but he still has not reached his potential. Without fully being committed, Ronnie has reached a number of semis and quarters, but I suppose he can chalk those down to experience. Moreover, his competition is not entirely daunting, with the two Marks Selby and Williams his main competitors. Williams has prevented his career going to pot after last year’s defeat but his form is unconvincing and Selby has never won this event before, in my opinion he lacks the temperament. For raw talent, no one can match O’Sullivan, which is why he remains dangerous.

No break in this debate, I’ll now stop glorifying the Rocket and be more realistic. He hasn’t played since this time last year and in a game such as snooker where practice is everything that could be damaging. His win of last year could have been a baize for more progress but by leaving to go and work on a farm (I’m serious) Ronnie could have ensured his defeat next week. Whilst he has been working with a sports psychologist, Ronnie has never been a stable personality, threatening to quit the ‘sport’ more times than can be counted. It is unlikely that he will be able to fit all parts together, as one really has to for a tournament such as the World Championships, where a match can span two days and 35 frames.

So in summary I reckon Ronnie will reach the quarter final, give me false hope, and then shatter my dreams. Typical. My personal tip is Mark Allen, who is the only other slight personality in a game that is becoming more devoid of character than a party of estate agents. Still, I think it should be a fascinating fortnight and I for one will be staying tuned. If you enjoyed this post and would like to do the same for me, then please remember to like and follow! Also leave a comment with your opinion on Ronnie or perhaps the sport in general. Until the next time!

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