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Mastering Augusta

April 12, 2013

Is the back in form Tiger so good he doesn’t need a club?

Hello and welcome to what will be my thoughts on the Masters weekend. It’s one and a bit days in, perhaps two by the time you read this, so do excuse any errors. Also, I predicted Sergio for the Masters in January, so just remember that when he lifts the trophy later *hopeful look*.

So as this post goes to (word)press, Sergio Garcia has made a bit of a Serge to  6 under par before plummeting to 2 under. I’d really like him to win it after all these oh-so-near moments. Fred Couples, the 53 year old, is doing ludicrously well still near the top of the leader board meanwhile at the other end of the spectrum the 14 year old Guan Tianlang looks like he’s going to make the cut. Tiger looks increasingly dangerous, just coming out but there are no big names near the high ends of the leader board that couldn’t be out-prowled by him (EDIT: wow okay Tiger really moving. Earlier than usual for him.). Certainly a fascinating weekend is shaping up very quickly.

On a more general note: I can’t help myself from thinking that the boiler suits the caddies wear look more suitable for ghost-busting than golf-walking. It has been reported that ‘mashed potatoes’ is one of the cheers emanating from the grandstands this year and I for one find it completely unfathomable. Is it a reference to the whiter than an albino polar bear bunkers? Could it be talking about the growth in Irish talent in golf? Asking for a return to the screens of the ‘MASH’ TV series? Your guess is as good as mine… leave it in the comments.

I think that’s all I have to say for now. I hope you enjoyed it, remember to like if you enjoyed and please follow to keep up to date with any further posts I make about this most exclusive of events. Until the next time!


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