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Wednesday Debate No.15 Dropzone Danger for Dogfighters?

April 3, 2013

Don’t celebrate just yet Cabaye… even if you do look like Harry Judd…

Good evening! I’m back! Had a great time in America (thanks for asking) and it wsa also my birthday! (so why not drop a sympathy like or even a sympathy follow?). So I’ve returned and this week’s debate is going to be on who will be relegated from the Premier league this year. I sadly didn’t have the heart to brush over Newcastle as contenders for a fall so with them in consideration will be Southampton, Norwich, Newcastle, Sunderland, Wigan, Aston Villa, QPR and Reading. Clubs are always reluctant to be relegated but with all the extra money coming into the Premiership from next year the stakes are higher than ever. This has been reflected by the very twitchy trigger fingers of Chairmen in firing managers. I hope you enjoy the review and please remember to vote in the poll below!

I’ve always had a soft spot for Norwich and I hope that Chris Hughton can continue steering Norwich safely on their way away from relegation. The impending return of Grant Holt should aid their rise to 40 points this year. Southampton rolled the dice with their baffling sacking of Nigel Adkins just as things were beginning to look up but they now look safe as houses on  34 points. From being one win away from 10th place in early march, the Magpies (Newcastle) have dropped themselves in it and we’re no longer quite so certain to escape the drop with only 3 points separating us. However, our problems were partially due to an injury list longer than Peter Crouch’s leg and now that that is shortening (the injury list, not his leg) we should re-establish our good form.

All the above teams I breezed through fairly quickly because I didn’t think they were altogether especially likely to be relegated. These following teams, on the other hand, are in real danger. I can’t help but take a little delight in seeing Sunderland falter although the strange thing about rivalries is that I’d quite like them to stay up so that the Tyne-Wear derby can be retained. I also think that di Canio will beat all the criticism and do a swell job as manager. Wigan clearly spend their days watching ‘the Great Escape’ as they are perennially staving off relegation. Martinez knows how to lead the somewhat troubled club and I just hope that next year he gets some funding to perhaps rise up the table. Conspicuously, I’m now left with three clubs. These are the ones I reckon will face life next year in the Championship:

QPR have not managed to be revived from their appalling start by Harry Houdini and the significant investment of their Chairman has been wasted on sub-standard players who will most likely leave on the cheap. The club could be in serious trouble, a pity all round. Reading were never expected to stay in the top tier and whilst they’ll be disappointed I’m anticipating that they’ll compete strongly next year and we’ll see their return fairly soon. Both of those teams are 7 points off safety and that’s why I’ve discounted them, but Aston Villa could yet escape. Big Benteke has been good for them this term and if he keeps scoring the Villans may yet stay up. Unfortunately, I don’t think that their defense is strong enough and I’m sorry to say that for me, Aston Villa will be going down, albeit narrowly. Benteke will almost certainly be snapped up by a big club though due to his great potential.

So there you have it… I reckon Aston Villa, QPR and Reading are going to fall. However, there is certainly still a chance for all three teams to redeem themselves, stranger things have happened. What do you think? Vote in the poll, leave a comment and remember to like and follow if you want to see more! Until the next time!

  1. premierleagueacademy permalink

    Do you think it´s worth giving a second chance & needed development time to make dreams come true for Young English players while adding The Spanish Way to English Grit as what @nextstarsnet is doing?

    • I’ve never been a fan of tiki-taka myself but certainly young english players do need to be promoted in the Premier league. I don’t know why I’m telling you this because you’re a bot.

      • premierleagueacademy permalink

        You´re telling me because you feel as strongly as I do that The Spanish Way instilled young is good for English football and the hard work of English Academies has a second chance of not going down the drains.

      • Sorry I’m confused about what you mean. Also, you’re not a bot?! My opinion is that whilst the Spanish youth system is great and we can learn a lot from it, I don’t especially want our youngsters to be taught to only pass. I think the main problem is that clubs don’t look to their youth systems for players, usually looking overseas for talent. This also means English talent is outrageously overpriced eg Henderson and Carroll.

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