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Wednesday Debate No.14- Prowling Tiger?

March 13, 2013


Good evening and welcome to my debate on the topic of whether we can anticipate another win by arguably golf’s greatest ever player, Tiger Woods. I found the picture terribly…punny.

The Tiger fan faithful (not that Tiger himself is especially ‘faithful’) such as myself is still adamant that Tiger can and will be big again. His recent win where he scored an insane record of 17 birdies over 2 rounds is evidence that whilst form is temporary, class is certainly permanent.  The 5 years it’s now been since the one kneed Tiger won his US Open is certainly going to be finished as he’s been sinking his claws into majors; slowly but surely getting closer to victory of late. For us proponents of the aging master, It is just a matter of time before Tiger launches the perfect assault and claims a title. However, I can only hope that he doesn’t win the Masters and prevent Garcia Serging to victory as I predicted all those months ago.

Wood’s detractors are insistent that the chasm between his last win and now seals his fate, ensuring that he can never come back. Tiger has lost the competitive edge that made him great and he can not rediscover such great touch. Injuries, they say, have also hit him hard. Moreover, golf is apparently and bizarrely, a young man’s game. Most of the current dynamic major winners of late have been under the age of 30 and this trend for the exclusion of older players at Golf’s top table could leave out Woods. For some reason these ‘athletes’ (whose task is to play at the most 80 shots over an entire day) cannot sustain themselves longer and I find this utterly ridiculous. More pertinently, Ernie Els, a contemporary of Woods, won the Open last year so this point is of little value.

And that’s it! I think it’s fairly clear my opinion on the subject- Woods will win multiple majors from now on- but if you feel differently, please comment below and remember to vote in the poll. I hope you enjoyed this, if you did please like and remember to follow if you want to see more. I’ll be back on Sunday for a review of the weekend. Until the next time…

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