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Wednesday Debate No 13- Video technology in sport?

March 6, 2013

Evening all and welcome to my somewhat pertinent debate on whether video technology should be in sports. Can I also just say that my 2-1 prediction last night was entirely correct? I even guessed that Ronaldo would score… big achievement that is.

The controversy of last night began with what was widely seen as a harsh red card on Nani for a wild challenge. This changed not just the game but perhaps the whole Champions League tournament and Ferguson was so livid that he could not even come out to see the press (again, not a rare sight). Now, irrespective of whether the referee was correct, there is no doubt that if he had been able to consult video replays for 30 seconds there would be much less speculation over his head and little objection to his decisions. In rugby, we already have limited video replays to confirm tries and cricket has similar technology in place for run outs. However in these sports also there remains controversy due to restricted or permissive legislation. Certainly, if video evidence was used more liberally or enforced more rigorously there would be many happier supporters.

To balance this out though, we all love controversy. Providing the talking point is not ‘Cristiano’s darling new hairstyle’ but rather “that ludicrous refereeing display” (IT Crowd anyone?). Take away the bad decisions and you take away part for what makes sport great. As well as this, some people are uncomfortable with taking the decisions away from humans and seemingly giving them to computers. The fallibility is once again another reason of spectator sport’s thrill. So sporting traditionalists are keen on not allowing more technology into sport.

To sum up, I reckon that we could probably do with a little more technology in sport to make sure that teams always meet on a level playing field. However, I also agree with the view that this could expand out of control so it needs to be reined in.

What do you think? Leave your opinion in the comments below. Please remember to like/follow if you enjoyed it and would like to see mare!

One Comment
  1. Yea, it’s a difficult balance to try and strike. I’d be happy to leave interpretation of tackles / dangerous play to the ref and his assistants on the field though – even after looking at the Nani incident on TV people still couldn’t agree about whether it should’ve been a red or yellow card. Like you say, human interpretation (and error) is part of sport 🙂

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