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Wednesday Debate No.12- Messi or Ronaldo?

February 27, 2013

God given talents? Who is the God?

Good evening and welcome to today’s debate. With yesterday’s El Clasico ending in a resounding 3-1 victory for Team Ronaldo and another one round the corner in the next few weeks, I thought I’d tackle an enormously heavy topic in football- who is better: Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo? Quite a polarised topic so it could get a little…Messi… (sorry). If we ask the players themselves they just say that they’re different and shouldn’t be compared but that’s very boring so let’s ignore their views and on with the judgement!

Lionel Messi is a phenomenon. In a modern era where players fall more easily than leaves and feel tired if they have to play two games in a week, Messi is a shining light of professionalism. After showing fantastic potential on the wing in his early life at Barcelona, he was given a central role by his mentor Pep Guardiola. Since then, he has never looked back. 2012, unarguably his best year, saw him score 5 hat tricks in the league, 5 goals in one Champions League match, a staggering 23 goals in one 10 match streak and a total of 91 goals in 69 matches throughout the year. Statistics, whilst impressive, cannot even convey the ludicrousness of watching the player with goblin-like looks throwing himself around and over challenges of world class defenders who are made to look average. However, Messi does play at the spearhead of an amazing Barcelona side set up to deliver goals for Messi and this no doubt helps (leave your “Messi can’t ‘perform’ without Iniesta” jokes in the comments please). But as I’ve mentioned, I think the fact that Messi shuns diving, is a true sportsman and almost never misses a match just shows that he is a truly great athlete.

Expressing an unpopular opinion might not be advisable but here its: I think Ronaldo is better than Messi. As a complete player, Cristiano holds the upper hand for me. As his Michael Jordan-esque hang time against Manchester United demonstrated, he is not merely strong with the ball at his feet but also in the air. He’s also faster than a Lance Armstrong on drugs across the pitch, fantastic for counter attacking teams. His two goals yesterday served to further illustrate that he is a man Real Madrid can rely on to score them goals. He also played well at the European Championships this year, managing not to get back ache from carrying the entire Portuguese side all tournament was impressive and he certainly does tend to find himself integral to the plans of whichever team he is in. Whilst his statistics are slightly less frightening, they are still earth-shatteringly good and I believe if he was given the quality of service that Messi has, he would flourish even further. Unfortunately, as a person he is less charming, as he appears grossly arrogant to most of us.

In summary, I think the fact that Ronaldo is not as humble a person can sometimes detract from the fact that he is just as, and in my opinion more, talented than Messi. Although I think it’s better if we just sit back and watch their rivalry push the pair of them to greater heights.  I hope you enjoyed this post, please vote in the poll below, leave a comment with your opinion and remember to like and follow if you enjoyed and want to see more! See you on Sunday!

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