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Wednesday Debate No.11- Theatres of Sport

February 20, 2013

Bet they get some cliffhangers here…

Hello and welcome to today’s Wednesday Debate, where I’ll be considering which sport stadium is the best in the world. Now I’ve almost certainly not included [stadium that is your favourite] so please feel free to leave hate mail (or a comment with your opinion if you’re feeling nice) in the comments. Also, vote in the poll so we can all reach some sort of consensus.

So, I’m going to try and include arenas, stadiums and grounds from as many sports as possible to make it interesting and I’ll try and find pictures of each as well. The grounds I’ll consider are: Lord’s Cricket ground in London, the Madison Square Garden in New York, the Maracana in Brazil and the Bird’s Nest Stadium in Beijing


Old Father Time at Lord’s Cricket ground

Why Lord’s it has the most history of perhaps any stadium in the weorld. Responsible for the origins of cricket and still codifying the game to this day, it is a truly unique venue. Whilst the Aussies might be a tad better than us at our own game, we can still (as we do with many sports) claim that we invented the game. Certainly though, the atmosphere of Lord’s is amazing due to the weight of history that is still present at the ground.


The Madison Square Garden

An iconic arena, the awfully named CIRCULAR Madison SQUARE Garden is well known to even inexperienced followers of basketball such as myself. It houses mainly the thrilling end to end sport of basketball and the ever competitive and not fixed at al ‘professional’ wrestling. In my mind, despite its fame, the fact that it does contain as one of its main ‘sports’ WWE reduces its credibility. Still looking forward to going there next month though.


The Maracana Stadium

Perhaps not the original home, but definitely the spiritual heart of football, where in 1950 200,000 were rumoured to have come to watch the World Cup Final. Brazil are a truly football mad country and the Samba boys have a n equally bonkers stadium. Even today with new regulations it will have a monstrous capacity in time for the 2014 World Cup and we all know that its going to be at the centre of attention during one enormous party for the nation.


The Bird’s Nest in Beijing

Rising out of Beijing’s obscure fog is the architectural wonder that is the Bird’s Nest. it’ll take 30 years for the council to pay off but boy is it worth it.  A truly stunning host arena for the Beijing Olympics in 2008, it has been a crying shame that it hasn’t seen any exposure since then. It’s very existence serves to remind us of the rising industrial power of the far East. Probably a little too deep for what is just a sports stadium.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed my take on the stadiums. My own favourite isn’t here as it’s a personal choice- St James’ Park for mainly sentimental reasons. Leave a comment with your opinion and please remember to like and follow if you enjoyed it.

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