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Wednesday debate: Which is better? Football (soccer) or American Football?

February 6, 2013

With the Superbowl on Sunday I felt I should approach what is a new topic for myself: American Football. As a (somewhat wannabe) sports analyst it would be neglectful for me not to address one of the largest sporting events of the calendar. I thought I’d debate whether original football is better than American Football. Unfortunately, I’m afraid I can’t guarantee I’ll be entirely impartial so you may have to ignore my bias views as you read along…

So, let’s start off with what makes Football (Soccer) great-  it is a genuinely international game that is played in almost every country. With simple rules it has been adopted as the national sport by many countries. It doesn’t have pauses for adverts and whilst its not as much of a contact sport, the players don’t wear protection (although some of the more consistent divers could perhaps do with knee pads). Moreover, I truly believe that when its played well, the Beautiful game is just that. It can just get a little hard to remember that on a cold, wet night in Stoke with the ball being hoofed into orbit.

Now, it must be said, American football does have its benefits. it is a powerful game to watch, the players going through the equivalent of multiple car crashes per game in terms of force of collision. Furthermore, it regularly pull immense viewing figures in the USA. However, the World Cup has far more worldwide appeal, almost half the world’s population is expected to watch the next final. This is second only to the Olympics in figures and what’s more is that people don’t watch this for the entertaining adverts or the half time show, they want to see sport.

I think it’s clear what I think about this one- Football is far superior to American Football and I won’t be converting any time soon… sorry. What do you think? Vote in the poll below or leave a comment (or both if you want!?) PLease like and follow if you enjoyed and would like more.

  1. good insights for a so called gridiron novice, and though I ultimately pick Soccer over American footy I still feel that the gridiron has the following positives.
    -The format of limiting attacking drives to 4 opportunities, before the other team has a go (known as downs) means that you can really have end to end matches more consistently than would happen in football, where there times when teams can have purposeless posession, or even employ negative “park-the-bus” tactics.
    -Like with most things American, there is NO such thing as playing for a DRAW….you will play multiple overtimes if need be, until a winner is found which adds to the spectacle and is usually a better way of deciding a stalemate than the dreaded penalty shootout. I would even advovate for an Ice Hockey type penalty shootout for soccer (where the attacker gets a chance to dribble past the keeper as opposed to jus kickin it from the spot.
    -Yup they do wear protective padding but that only serves to embolden them for their crash dummy type collisions. As you pointed out.

  2. Thanks- I did look it up a bit :). I should have mentioned the limiting of the attacks thing as it does speed up the game and I really like it, a bit similar to Rugby league. Competition is definitely something the Americans major in and American football certainly isn’t a polite british sport! maybe that’s part of the reason i didn’t like it 😉

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