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Weekend Review No.7

January 20, 2013
Snowy footy

At least it wasn’t THIS bad.

Hello and welcome. A week of sporting disruption in the UK and controversy elsewhere to discuss. First of all- to Lance Armstrong. I have little to say on the matter that hasn’t already been said- just remember that the secret to his success was that he always stayed positive.

To business- despite snow disruption (see above) all premiership games continued and Chelsea tore Arsenal to shreds- the 1-2 scoreline greatly flattering Arsenal by the small magnitude of the loss. Van Persie got yet another goal for Manchester United against Tottenham before a dramatic late equaliser from Dempsey. I think blaming de Gea after making miraculous saves all match is a bit like blaming an umbrella that has let one drop through against a deluge. Reading came back to beat Newcastle 2-1, putting us on the verge of the relegation zone and me on the verge of tears. I suppose the slight upside to be taken was that Cabaye looked bright on his return from a long lay-off.

To tennis- where Murray and Federer are moving serenely through the rounds- whilst Djokovic experiences a little more trouble. An outrageously entertaining match between him and Stanislas Wawrinka took 5 hours to complete but Djokovic lives to fight another day. They’re certainly not getting snow Down Under, where temperatures have been in excess of 45 degrees celsius.

In the ODI cricket between England and India; India have taken a 2-1 lead- lots of 2-1 in sport this week…

Not a 2-1, but it’s 8-5 in the snooker. As this blog went to (word)press, Neil Robertson was trailing Selby in a match that (famous last words) one can’t see Selby losing from here. I personally have not enjoyed the Masters as much without Ronnie O’Sullivan, but the sport does seem to be able to strive on.

Thanks for reading I hope you enjoyed it. Please like and follow for more. See you on wednesday!



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  1. hihihi could not help but spot a PUN…not sure if it was intended but enjoyed it all the same…..”Murray and Federer are moving SERENely through the rounds…” / also loved the umbrella analogy for de Gea! BUT my absolute fave was the pic (hooray for undersoil heating! and a few well hidden snoods).
    As for the magpies I am sure the signings they are set to make will see you movin on up… plus jus havin Cabaye back is Huuuuge (time for me to update my fantasy league team).
    Keep ug the Gibberish mate!

    • Haha great reply thanks mate! I definitely meant that pun…. Yeah things are looking up now that we’ve signed the french national team and cabaye is a great player. I’ll make sure to slot in some more puns 🙂

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