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Wednesday Debate No.4- Winter Break?

December 19, 2012

A contentious one this week- should we go European and have a winter break? 

In some ways, it seems sensible to do so. Firstly, the quality of the football should improve as towards the end of a season you often see the players staggering around on exhausted legs, after 38 rounds of matches. Internationally, our players should represent us better in summer competitions, as you can often see the foreign teams running rings around our players at major cups, partially due to freshness. 

On the other hand, you have 5 fingers (pause for laughter). Festive football is some of the best football and gets large attendance figures as people have time off at these times.Also, the leagues that have winter breaks do go on further in to the year, so the poor unenlightened few that  don’t want football taking up the summer as well would not be pleased by a winter break. Fixture congestion towards the end of the season is also a problem. 

On the whole, I don’t want the winter break, as I think we can remain somewhat unique without one. 

What do you think? Post in the comments below. Thanks for reading, please like and follow for more.

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