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Sports Games

December 18, 2012

As it’s the school holidays now, and obviously I have a lot more free time, I thought I’d chat about <the title>. Sports games are one of the biggest genres of computer games out there at the moment. I’ve personally played Football Manager since 2006, FIFA since 2004 and any cricket games I can get my hands on.

Luckily, i’m not foolish enough to buy these franchise games every year. The *Now with added …….* marketing technique fails to catch my eye as usually all the developers change is a few player stats.

Still, I’ve had some great times with Football Manager, launching Newcastle into a dynasty of success reaching far into the future. Its great strength is the depth that it provides for a power sports nerd like me to get involved in the nitty gritty statistics. FIFA is more fun to play occasionally, but EA just expose themselves to be money-grabbers by their constant forcing you to pay for extra stuff.

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